S.T.T.F.D. would like to give honor and respect to our departed members who have given so much and who have served so well. To symbolize the devotion that these brave souls had for their duty, the bell chimes three times, representing the end of our comrade's duties and that they will be returning to quarters. To those who have selflessly given their lives for the good of their fellow man. Your task is completed, your duties are done, you have finished your last alarm, you are going home. 

Our brothers who have gone home:

Axtell, Miles
Hoover, L.C.
Backus, Dale
Hummel, Kenneth
Bandeen, Kenneth
Irad, W
Barker, Charles
Kelley, George
Barnes, Robert
Lambert, Cloyd
Benn, Wilber
Leonard, Carl
Bissell, Durward
Maybee, Elton
Brooks, Frank
Maybee, Burton
Bush, Jim
McClintic, Gary
Coomer, Harry
McClintic, George
Dean, Lou
Myers, Daniel
Dean, Ronald
Roberts, Thomas
Dean, Walter
Sanders, Ron
Denman, L J
Shock, Garold
Delong, Dennis
Shock, Gerald
Doepker, Vincent
Smith, Merlyn
Earl, Rick
Stump, Claude
Ellis, DaytonSwenson, Cecil
Feltman, John
Swenson, Kim
Feltman, Leo
Swix, Philetus
Fitzgerald, John
Tripp, Harry
Fuller, Norman
Wonch, Seville
Guthrie, Art
Worthington, Frank
Hackett, Bill
VanAlstine, Alexander
Hackett, Dave
Henderson, Jerry
Hetherington, Ken