On July 11, 1890 the Village Council appointed a committee to "look up" the matter of fire protection. As a result water reserve tanks were built at four locations in the middle of Wright Avenue - fire buckets and ladders were purchased. In 1890 a hand drawn fire engine and 300 feet of hose was purchased, and on February 9, 1891 the department was organized as Engine Company No. 1 with 24 members with Wm. L. Dibble as Chief. In May of 1891 a hose cart was purchased and Hose Company No. 1 was formed; by 1899, Hook and Ladder Company # 1 had been formed and there was a total of 34 members.

In October 1918 a chemical fire engine was purchase and in April 1919 a Federal Fire Whistle was installed on the east side of the Village Park replacing the system of bells. In the 1940's a new whistle was purchased and the 1919 whistle was moved to the corner of Maple and Union Streets.

In August 1926 the first power driven truck was purchased from Obenchain Boyer Company built on a Reo chassis. This truck was used for village fires only, later in the 1930's a Chevrolet truck was added for use on rural fires. These trucks were used until the first pumper, a Ford, was purchased in 1947.

In 1944 the Village constructed a combination fire barn and restrooms. In 1947 Coe, Lincoln and Chippewa Townships signed an agreement with the village for fire protection. In the next three years two tankers and a panel truck for equipment were purchased and housed in the Village barn.

The present day department was organized in 1964 when the above three townships joined the Village to form the Shepherd Tri-Township Fire Department. 

The area that we cover is primarily rural, approximately 108 square miles, we do have a highway US27 running through Coe township that we cover and some industrial business in the townships and the village. We average 450 calls per year protecting our citizens with firefighting, first responders and rescue. Some of our members are also on the county wide Hazardous Materials Team and the Fire Cause and Origin Team. 

We as a department train on the first Monday of each month, on the third Monday of each month we have a split training where the personnel will train at their own stations. Some of the training that we have had are Firefighter Safety, Extrication, Water Rescue, SCBA/Search and Rescue.

As a department we are very involved in the community, we cover with the rescue unit, the Friday night home football games at Shepherd High School. we help get ready for the village's Maple Syrup Festival every April and we have medical personnel on duty through out the festival. We also do several other community related events through out the year.